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About Us

Silver Lining Innovation develops innovative Internet based applications that are built to solve customer challenges.  Our goal is to simplify and optimize difficult tasks, and make your work easier and faster. 

Innovation is a core concept as we:

  • find ways to improve on existing solutions
  • find ways to make what you do simpler and more efficient
  • find the limitations and missing features of other products and make better solutions than what is available
  • build solutions from the ground up, understanding what problems we are solving, and what challenges we are overcoming

Silver Lining Innovation delivers Software as a Service (SaaS), or “Cloud” based technologies

  • Silver Lining in our name refers to the “cloud” based technology –Our customers do not have to buy software or hardware and don’t have to worry about managing anything, allowing them to focus on their core activities or business
  • Customers only need access to the Internet or a simple phone call to use our services