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SLI Notify

Solution Overview

SLI Notify is the easy, cost effective, and reliable solution to get your messages out to your entire group, team, league, or organization quickly and consistently.

Simple to send your message from any phone:

  • Call our service, record your message, send to your entire group instantly

Simple to send your message from our secure website:

  • Log in to our website, select your group, type or select your message, send to your group instantly

SLI Notify is the best way to deliver weather cancellations and delays, schedule changes, important reminders, urgent announcements, and many other critical notifications.

Effective communication is important for every organization, and when a notification needs to get to your group quickly, nothing is as effective as a phone call or a text message.

SLI Notify makes it easy to focus on your core business or activities:

  • No Contracts
  • No Setup Fees
  • No equipment to purchase, install, setup, or maintain
  • Easy to sign up, set up, and send messages  

The members of your organization want to get notifications as soon as possible, and many will have preferences to receive a phone call, e-mail or a text message, or all of the above.  SLI Notify offers the ease and flexibility to deliver your messages in the format each member prefers.

Question:  What do you get when you cross an Engineer with a Parent, Coach, and Commissioner? 

Answer:  An innovative way to use technology to make things easier and more efficient for league officials and coaches in all levels of sports… Short Answer: “SLI Notify”.